Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

As a pharmaceutical company with over 32 years of experience in prescription medicine, Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd brings a unique perspective to skincare. We treat skincare like medicine, leveraging our pharmaceutical infrastructure to develop intelligent and intuitive solutions that work in harmony with the skin. We take a science-backed approach, combining different disciplines and schools of thought, to provide targeted solutions that meet the unique needs of each individual.

Ozone Signature explores skincare disciplines from across the world to bring you optimum solutions to treat your skin concerns.

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Your Skin Is Our Concern

Ozone Signature was founded to carefully listen to your skin concerns keeping in mind anatomy of the skin, and more importantly, caring for it with
respect it deserves as one of the most integral organs of the human body.

We take pride in our formulations and products. We have 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India (Assam and Himachal) and our Research and Development along with Analytical Laboratory facility is located in Haryana. Each batch is tested for potency, stability and effectivity to ensure we deliver to you SKIN CARE THAT WORKS.

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“When we think of the human body, or its complex organs, we rarely think of The Skin. Invisible, yet in plain sight, the skin, and its derivatives (hair, nails, pores, glands) make up largest organ and an indispensable outer layer of the human body. One that represents us to the world and one that protects the intricate mechanism of the body.

The Skin’s primary function is to protect. Home to neuro-receptive sensors that recognise the sensation of a loved one’s touch as well as help us feel heat, cold and pain; sweat glands that regulate the body’s temperature when you’re nervous with stage fright, threatened, or even just warm; along with the millions of skin cells that form a bond to protect the human body and its organs.

Each one of us owns our Skin. The Skin is the only part of us visible to the whole world, so we make it our own. We value it, we even make it up and we care for it. It responds to us too, it wrinkles as we age, it breaks out when we stress, and it reacts when exposed to a harmful irritant.

Being the largest and the most exposed organ, carrying the burden of representation as well as protection, The Skin has it’s work cut out! Naturally then, it displays skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, premature ageing, dehydration, dark circles etc. It’s these skin concerns that inspires Ozone Signature’s problem-solution approach. We aim to give holistic solutions to skin concerns, combining different disciplines and schools of thought. Treating skin concerns from the root cause, we make skin care the works for you to have the skin that truly represents you.”

Sanchi Sehgal
Founder, Ozone Signature