If skincare products could talk

Your skin can throw a lot at you- from acne and wrinkles to eczema and dullness😓. In your journey to keep your skin beautiful and healthy, you may have run into a common problem: being overwhelmed by sheer number of products out there😵. All the same, you may find yourself needing additional support, tips and inspiration. That is where bloggers and influencers come in the picture🙋‍♀️.

Just like our stomach growls to let us know that we are hungry, similarly, our skin too talks to us to let us know how healthy or unhealthy it is. We often tend to ignore the vital signs that our skin wants to tell us. It is just like a plant 🌱that needs constant care and nourishment to grow and remain healthy. A lot of us do not take care of our skin the way we should, either because we are too occupied in our day-to-day lives, are very lazy to the damaging signs that our skin shows or we are unaware of how we can actually take care of our skin. All that dryness and roughness😟 is our skin telling us to look after it and nourish 💧it soon before it gets too late. We readily buy skincare products but do we actually understand how to use them?

Let’s dive in and meet our Skin Concerns and Skin Care Products in a little Talk Show here!

“Firstly, I feel like she’s always covering me in a paper bag. Oh Goddd, here we go again. Put down the concealer, babe.”- Pigmentation

“We had salami pizza last night for dinner again. I can still taste it on me!”- Pores

“I can help fix uneven skin…. But I am NO miracle worker honey….”- Kumkumadhi Thailam

Kumkumadi Tailam is a legendary Ayurvedic formulation mentioned in many Ayurvedic texts for treatment of many complex skin problems. It is a powerful formula to reduce pigmentation marks, dark spots, brighten the overall complexion and visibly reduce pore size. This traditionally handcrafted recipe🥣 is infused with a balanced combination of vetiver, sandalwood, Indian madder, licorice and other beneficial herbs prescribed in the Ayurvedic classic texts. These ingredients are rich in essential fatty acids, skin vitamins, antioxidants and antimicrobials that are vital for promoting skin health🌟.

 “I don’t mean to cause a scene and keep breaking out like this, but she gives me no choice.”- Acne

“I know I am $50 a bottle, but really it’s like… only 8¢ per drop.”- Haridradya Taila

Our Best Seller👏, Elle Recommends and Grazia’s Most Loved, Ozone Signature Haridradya Taila is a natural, time-tested face oil which has been crafted from the same recipe mentioned in the ancient classics of 1000 BC🧓. Haridradya Taila is specially recommended for skin that is prone to Acne and post Acne damage. The skin becomes visibly clear as surface irregularities, post acne scarring and inflammation is treated.

“He was gorgeous. I’m blushing. Oh no I’m not, I’m hot, real hawwwttt 🔥!”- Skin

Make way for a sunscreen that also shields as the best anti-ageing product. Tan? What’s that? Give your skin maximum coverage against the sun tanning with sun and blue light protection.

“Let’s just put on the moisturizer now.”- Skin

“Have you ever felt this? That nobody loves you? Hello, miss, I am here too! You just need a little of me. Just trust me! I will quench all of your thirst”- Toner

Ever felt that even after following a complete skincare regime, your skin still breaks out every now and then. Or the pores on your skin just do not shrink. Frustrating, however, it may get, it may just be the right time for you to check if there is a missing link 🔗in your skincare.

Face Toner is the answer you are looking for. Refresh your skin and restore its natural brightness🌝. A toner aids in minimizing pores and firming up skin by delivering instant moisture to dehydrated skin.

 “A normal splash of water on the face and wipe with a clean cloth should be enough…I haven’t worked in a garage!”- Skin

“What do you mean water alone is enough to cleanse your face?”- Repair Essence

 “Let me get to know you below the surface!”- Niacinamide

True to its name, Ozone Signature Repair Essence is an unparalleled source of hydration 💦and repair packed in a bottle. The combined action of Niacinamide, Pentavitin and Allatoin actively supports the skin’s internal restorative function and strengthens 💪the moisture barrier resulting in glowing and healthy skin. It is recommended for dehydrated, dull, acne-prone and oily skin. Use AM/PM after cleansing to repair the skin.

“I hope you wake up feeling beautiful!”- PM Cream

A night cream that helps you fight everyday dirt and debris as you take your beauty sleep😴 is a must. It effectively revives skin into a new refreshing shell that radiates like the first beam of the sun. The optimum levels of anti-oxidants and moisture caress your facial skin and replenish daily glow✨. 

“I feel so dull and tired….”- Skin

 “I am the happy ending you need after a longgggg day!”- Kanaka Taila

Your skin goes to work repairing the day’s damage at night🌛. Using the right product can help support the healing process to achieve vital and vibrant looking skin. Ozone Signature Kanaka Taila- most advanced face oil ever- maximizes renewal, repairing daily damage and delivering continuous hydration. This face oil is highly recommended for the skin that is dehydrated, showing early ageing👵, dealing with dark circles or under-eye bags.

“Love is in the air but not hair!”- Hair

“Keep going, I have got this!”- Bhringaraja Taila

Ozone Signature Bhringaraja Taila, the all-in-one hair care treatment to tackle a plethora of hair and scalp problems, this nourishing oil has been formulated from a classical Ayurvedic recipe. Traditionally the secret to the long📏, glossy ✨hair, the false👎 daisy, enriched in vitamins and minerals is scientifically proven to fight bacteria and fungus and promote hair growth. Coupled with thyme-leafed gratiola, spiked ginger lily, babchi, country mallow and other specialized herbs, this nutritive blend conditions, nourishes and retains moisture for healthy, smooth and silky hair.


Above all else, it is important that your beauty routine is your ‘Me Time’. Not only this does the benefit to your skin’s health but also it can be a key ingredient for a healthier💪, happier😄 mental state. Our beauty products can be lifelines in challenging times. Whether covering up our own perceived flaws or making ourselves feel good from the outside in beauty can be an essential element in keeping our minds healthy and balanced.

The conversation does not have to stop here. Revamp your beauty routine, or focus on some skincare maintenance, these smaller tasks can have a much larger, positive impact on our lives.

Virtually Yours

Mahima Arora