How Pollution Affects Your Skin


The Skin

Skin is body’s largest organ and is the basic element of the external appearance. What we consider as ‘beautiful skin’ is generally dependent on skin health and it’s ability to perform its function of renewal and repair.

The skin possesses incredible abilities. It fights infection, regulates temperature, shields our DNA from sun damage. The skin is, thus a dynamic organ that interfaces with the external world, the internal world, and acts with an independent intelligence.

Healthy skin (or skin barrier) is essential for the preservation, restoration or bestowing of bodily wellbeing.

How pollution can affect your skin

Environmental aggressors such as pollution generate toxic free radicals which are highly unstable molecules that react very quickly with other compounds; hence, they can have a destructive effect on the skin support structure and are shown to accelerate skin aging particularly on the face – in a process called oxidation.

In its simplest form, oxidation is a process in which a substance changes from because of the addition of oxygen.  For example, when sebum (oil) on the surface of the skin clogs pores and is exposed to air (oxygen), a blackhead is formed.

Exposure to daily pollution can actually cause reactions in the skin that inhibit the way it builds and repairs itself. In addition to pollution, dirt and sun exposure can strip the skin of moisture, making it appear dry and rough. Dry weather, particularly in arid climates and during winter-time, may also cause the skin to look dry and flakey as it loses its natural moisture.

Additionally, gases such as nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide harm the skin. Pollution hurts the skin’s barrier function by breaking down collagen and the skin lipids. Additionally, pollution causes irritation, rashes and breakouts, dirt particles accumulate on skin’s surface clogging skin pores when they mix with dead skin cells and skin surface oils. The smoke and dust suspended in the air can cause the skin pores to get clogged. Eventually, this can affect the natural glow of your skin and cause other skin-related issues like acne, pimples and uneven skin tone. 


Skin Care Counteracts Pollution

The key to fighting the effects of pollution on your skin is to cleanse every single day, twice a day with products formulated with antioxidants.


1.    Deep Clean

Deep cleansing skin with a gentle face cleanser purify and refine its texture. Ozone Signature Purifying Face Cleanser is a hydrating face cleaner, it gently cleanses without drying the skin. The skin is left feeling clear, fresh and even.

  • It effectively washes away dirt, excess oil and impurities without over-drying or irritating the skin – leaving it clean, soft and smooth.
  • Deep hydrating formula provides intense moisture for clear, healthy skin.
  • Designed to be gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Protects the skin from pollutants and environmental aggressors.

Using harsh cleansers strips off the skin off its natural moisture barrier and causes more harm than good.

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2.    Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that can neutralize free radicals, and thus mitigate their negative effects. A skin care routine that includes antioxidants can halt this process.  The use of products formulated with Vitamin A, C or E in your daily skin care routine helps skin combat oxidation. This will protect skin from the sun which is important in polluted areas, as pollution can worsen the effects of the sun on the skin. Such a product will fight free radicals and brighten the appearance of the skin.

Ozone Signature’s classical serum Haridradya Taila contains powerful antioxidants to combat skin damage like acne and scars, sun damage and sensitive skin. Include Haridradya Taila in your night skincare routine for treatment.

Besides the use of oils and creams, sun damage can be fought from the inside out; as research has linked certain nutrients to the ability to boost your skin’s natural sun protection. Fruits high in antioxidants and vitamin C (like strawberries and pomegranates) possess the ability to protect skin cells from the free radical damage caused by sun exposure.

Moreover, using a sunscreen in the day is absolutely essential (Ozone Signature Tinted Sun Protector). It is a broad spectrum sun protector and shields against UVA, UVB and Blue Light that causes skin damage. A mineral based sunscreen (with Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide for maximum protection) and also provides a tint to give a radiant looking skin.

It is an effective formula to even out the skin and provide optimum coverage. It soothes and comforts the skin along with providing hydration, prevents ageing and sun pigmentation.

Your skin needs protection from harmful pollutants during the day and the right moisturizer acts as a barrier against environmental damage.

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Ozone Signature Moisturizing Lotion is a unique light formulation, which provides essential nutrients to the skin and helps in restoring its natural hydration level. Keeps the skin well nourished and hydrated for 72 hours and also helps replenish the natural moisture barrier to boost the skin’s healing function.

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3.    Treat Skin-Barrier at Night

Pollution draws out moisture from the skin making it look duller in appearance. Deep cleansing so the skin can breathe and repair, followed by Ozone Signature Haridradya Taila at night helps strengthen the facial skin. A strong skin-barrier is critical to fighting off pollution and maintain healthy skin.

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